đŸĒ™$EPETS Token

Official Contracts:

Token Contract: 0x280df82db83abb0a4c734bb02afc7985a1c8eaf2

NFT Contract: 0xCD65e8c66Df5574890d987f50d2959AC8A05e537

Total Supply

There are 100 million $EPETS tokens in existence. This finite supply ensures scarcity and value within the EtherPets ecosystem.

Transaction Fees:

A 3% transaction fee is applied to both buys and sells. This fee contributes to the sustainability and development of the ecosystem.

Liquidity Locked:

For the safety and assurance of our users, the liquidity for the token is locked on Unicrypt. This means that liquidity pair tokens (ETH/EPETS) are effectively locked behind smart contracts, meaning no malicious actors and exploit our liqudity.

Token Standard:

$EPETS is an ERC-20 token, adhering to Ethereum's well-established standards for fungible tokens.


The $EPETS token plays a pivotal role in the EtherPets ecosystem. It is burned to serves as a mechanism to mint EtherPets NFTs, allowing users to create and nurture their digital companions. $EPETS will also be utilized for micro-transactions in-game and act as currency on the Etherpets game's marketplace.

Tax Allocation:

The tax collected through transactions is strategically allocated to various aspects of the EtherPets ecosystem. These funds are used for ecosystem development, game development, investment in art, and marketing initiatives. Importantly, this allocation ensures that fair salaries are paid to skilled individuals contributing to the token's growth and success.

By holding and utilizing $EPETS tokens, you become an integral part of EtherPets, actively contributing to the development and expansion of the immersive world of digital companions. Your support enables us to continue crafting an unforgettable experience for all EtherPets enthusiasts.

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