Season 1

Season 1 of Etherpets introduces a mesmerizing world of digital companions, unfolding an array of 30 base forms that evolve into over 90 distinct Etherpets. This inaugural season is a gateway to an expansive universe, where each Etherpet brings its unique essence, story, and abilities to your adventure in Etheria. Delve into the diversity and charm of Season 1's Etherpets, distributed across four captivating sets:

Set 1: Base Set | Elemental Beginnings: Mint 2/9/24

  • Flicker: Ignite your journey with Flicker, the fire type, embodying the wild spirit of flames and renewal.

  • Zaplyn: Electrify your adventure with Zaplyn, the electric type, channeling the energizing power of light.

  • Dewdo: Embark on serene paths in the pools of Satoshi with Dewdo, the water type, symbolizing tranquility and flow.

Set 2: Ancient and Earthly Realms: Mint TBA

  • Glider: Soar through ancient mysteries with Glider, the ancient type, a guardian of time-lost secrets.

  • Rockit: Stand firm on your journey with Rockit, the earth type, representing strength and endurance.

  • Fuzzlet: Embrace the simplicity of companionship with Fuzzlet, the normal type, a friend in the journey of life.

Set 3: Nature and Shadows: Mint TBA

  • Spriglet: Grow alongside Spriglet, the grass type, a beacon of hope and new beginnings.

  • Shadokun: Venture into the unknown with Shadokun, the shadow type, mastering the art of stealth and mystery.

  • Nebulite: Explore the cosmos with Nebulite, the space type, a reflection of the infinite universe.

Set 4: Technology and Tradition: Mint TBA

  • Bytling: Dive into the digital realm with Bytling, the tech type, navigating the currents of innovation.

  • Shibo: Harness discipline and strength with Shibo, the metal type, a warrior of honor and skill.

  • Cattara: Discover the versatility of Cattara, the normal type, adapting to the ever-changing world of Etheria.

Set 5 & Beyond WIll Be Announced....

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