Leaderboards and Competitive Play

Etherpets TD offers a thrilling competitive experience, allowing players to test their skills against opponents from around the world and climb the ranks to become the ultimate champion. The game features two leaderboards, Weekly and All-Time, which track players' performance and reward the most successful strategists.

Weekly Leaderboard

The Weekly Leaderboard is a dynamic ranking system that resets every Monday at 12:00 AM UTC. This leaderboard tracks players' wins throughout the week, providing a constantly evolving competitive landscape and encouraging players to stay active and engaged.

To climb the Weekly Leaderboard, players must consistently win matches and outperform their opponents. The more wins a player accumulates during the week, the higher they'll rank on the leaderboard. This system creates a sense of urgency and excitement, as players strive to secure their spot at the top before the weekly reset.

At the end of each week, the top players on the Weekly Leaderboard will receive exclusive rewards. These rewards not only recognize the players' skill and dedication but also provide an additional incentive to participate in the competitive scene.

All-Time Leaderboard

The All-Time Leaderboard is a permanent ranking system that tracks players' cumulative wins throughout their entire Etherpets TD career. This leaderboard represents the ultimate test of skill and longevity, as it measures players' consistency and ability to perform at a high level over an extended period.

To rank on the All-Time Leaderboard, players must not only win matches but also maintain a high win rate over time. This leaderboard is the perfect place for competitive players to establish their legacy and prove their mastery of the game.

While the All-Time Leaderboard does not reset, it does offer its own set of unique rewards for the top players. These rewards may include exclusive Etherpet evolution skins, or even real-world prizes like branded merchandise or NFTs.

Player Identification

To maintain a fair and transparent competitive environment, Etherpets TD identifies players on the leaderboards by the last 4 digits of their connected wallet address. This system ensures that players cannot create multiple accounts to manipulate the rankings while still maintaining a degree of anonymity.

For example, if a player's wallet address is "0x1234567890abcdef," they will appear on the leaderboard as "cdef" followed by their number of wins, such as "cdef - 25 wins."

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