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Etherpets TD offers a rich and engaging gameplay experience that combines strategic tower placement, offensive minion sending, and resource management. This section will guide you through the core mechanics of the game, helping you understand how to play and succeed in the world of Etheria.

Placing and Upgrading Towers

At the start of each match, you'll be given a set amount of e-shards to purchase and place your first Etherpet towers. Each tower represents a unique Etherpet species, such as Flicker, Dewdo, or Zaplyn, and has its own strengths and weaknesses. To place a tower, simply click on an available plot along the path and select the desired Etherpet from the menu.

As the game progresses and you earn more e-shards, you'll be able to upgrade your towers to increase their power and unlock new abilities. Each Etherpet tower has two unique forms and upgrade paths, allowing you to specialize in different aspects such as increased damage, faster attack speed, or special effects like slowing or stunning enemies. Choose your upgrades wisely to create a well-rounded defense that can handle any type of minion.

Sending Minions to Attack Opponents

In addition to defending your own base, Etherpets TD allows you to go on the offensive by sending minions to attack your opponent's defenses. To send a minion, simply click on the "+" button and select the type of minion you want to deploy. Each minion type has its own unique properties, such as increased speed, higher health, or special abilities like cloaking or regeneration, each with different costs. By sending minions, you boost the amount of E-Shards you collect each round.

Sending minions costs e-shards, so you'll need to balance your resources between upgrading your towers and sending waves of attackers. Time your minion sends strategically to exploit weaknesses in your opponent's defenses or to force them to divert resources away from their own offensive pushes.

E-shards as In-Game Currency

E-shards serve as the primary in-game currency in Etherpets TD. You'll earn e-shards by defeating ANON minions that enter your territory. The amount of e-shards earned per minion depends on the type and strength of the minion, with tougher enemies granting more e-shards.

In addition to earning e-shards through gameplay, you can also cash out earned E-Shards for $EPETS tokens, allowing you to earn while you play.

Win Conditions & Rewards

The objective of Etherpets TD is to protect your base and destroy your opponent's base by sending minions to attack. The game ends when one player's base health reaches zero, or when a player manages to send 100 minions through their opponent's defenses.

Upon winning a match, you'll be rewarded with an amount of E-Shards. These can be converted into $EPETS tokens for real value.

In addition to e-shard rewards, winning matches will also increase your rank on the global leaderboard, allowing you to compete against tougher opponents and earn even greater rewards. Climb the ranks and prove your mastery of Etherpets TD to become a true champion of Etheria!

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